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Author - Children's Books + Transformational Books

With Jean's debut book, Francie Chick and the Roostagram, she is excited to publish the whole series! This year will see a new Francie Chick Book and a New Manifesting Coloring Book!


DAJE2 Publishing specializes in Children's Books, Graphic Books + Work[play]Books, Teaching and Oracle Decks and Games, as well as Journals


Game Inventor Mentor

Coaches and Consultants hire Jean to create games and decks from their transformational work. It usually results in SERIOUS fun and SERIOUS profit!



Jean is an intuitive artist, painting and creating from the heart and soul! Original oil paintings that energetically shift the vibration and fun merch that gives you a smile!


Meet Jean!

Jean is a creative explorer and multi-passionista! She wakes up each day to make her dreams come true! 

From her home and art studio in Las Vegas, NV, she spends her days writing, painting, consulting and mentoring others into their creative and star-soul greatness. 

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What's New:

Francie Chick and the Roostagram in HardCover!  You can find it on Amazon. Both Kindle and Paperback continue to be available. 

Buy the Digital Affirmation DECK!

Francie has been busy making an A-Z Affirmations card deck. Fun graphics with Shelly + Francie.  To make each day magical, draw a card and repeat the phrase throughout the day. 

Next for Francie:

The next book in the Francie Chick Series to support your kids on social media: Francie Chick and the PING

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