Hi, I'm Jean

Children's Book Author, Artist, Game Inventor (and Mentor to other Inventors!), and Game, Deck and Children's Book Publisher.

Ok, add Mom, Wife, friend to my fluffy dog Razzle-Dazzle with the propensity to color outside the lines!

Why children's books?

Well, I set out to write an epic book to support seekers in taking on the next-level of their lives and businesses. (That's still coming.) My coach suggested I simplify it down so a kid could understand it. 

That opened a flood of downloads that has resulted in 6 children's books so far. Now I'm working on getting them into the world; and you'll meet Francie Chick first!

One of the reasons Francie is first is because she brings with her support for the whole world.  REALLY!!

She reminded me how we can all be our best, and one of my best spaces is in empowering women around the world.

I've always said, World Peace starts with moms being able to feed and love their kids. When there is little opportunity, Chickens are an EGG-ceptional economic powerhouse.

See below how I've partnered with a team on Kiva.org to create micro-loans for women chicken farmers around the world.


I am a Multi-Passionista

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Supporting Moms with 🐓 Chickens

Why Chicken Charity?

Visiting the Minnesota State fair as a kid, I always wanted to visit the chicken barns! I loved the all the different varieties, colors, shapes and sizes. They totally delighted me!

As an adult, that delight has never faded. Although I’ve never had the chance to raise chickens myself, I love it as a partnership in the world to empower women through chicken farming!

Let’s face it, they’re kinda cute, they’re kinda dumb, and they are a POWER HOUSE of economic force for families and communities.

Chickens are the Trifecta of Support:

  • They provides eggs and protein for nourishment,
  • Create income through sales of extra eggs and offspring,
  • Up-levels the family’s security for generations!

Chickens require little space and can thrive on readily available scraps; this allows families to make money from the birds without spending much. And since a good hen can lay up to 200 eggs a year, your flock of chickens gift provides a steady source of nutrition and income.

And really, Who can resist these fuzzy little 🐣 cuties?


Give to a Not-for-Profit that Supports People with Chickens!

We decided to partner with Kiva.org to provide loans to households that allow them to start or improve on a chicken business: chicks, feed and coop to produce eggs, generate income, and improve nutrition.

Women Empowerment at it’s BEST!  Now that’s an eggs-ceptional gift! 🎁

You can join Francie's Chicken Kiva Team by Clicking Here.

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