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Francie Chick and the Roostagram is available in hardcover, paperback and kindle e-book.

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Meet my Sister

This is my little sister, Shelly Abigail Chicken. 

We have a lot of fun together!

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Book Sneak Peek 

Shelly Chicken loves her big sister, Francie, but Francie has no time for her little sis. She’s too busy trying to decide how she wants to present herself on her new Roostagram app.

Not even ice cream can tear Francie away from her phone. 

Fancy Francie changes her identity every five minutes, thinking she need to be someone else to be interesting on Roostagram.

Read how Shelly’s love for her big sister teaches Francie about what really matters—being yourself!

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The Book is now available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback and Kindle ebook. Also click the 'shop now' button above for lots of other cool stuff!

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The Magic Makers

Meet the Author

Jean Berry is an artist - author - creator who loves to streamline and simplify big ideas so everyone feels understood, loved and valued. 

Her books serve as a bridge to teach kids and their caretakers  fun and sparkly ways to approach social media smarts, connection to others and familial love. 

Watch for her forthcoming books for creative adults to help them manifest their dream lives. 

More About Jean
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Meet the Illustrator

Wendy Fedan grew up with an equal passion for writing and illustrating, beginning in the first grade.

She loves to have FUN with her illustrations, and to see how much humor and delight she can add to a project.

She is a full-time freelance illustrator and part-time author living in Amherst, Ohio.

Wendy also launched her own publishing/book shepherding biz called Create A Way Design & Publishing, LLC designed to "create a way" for talented authors to bring their visions to life and in the hands of their readers.

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Kelsey’s strategies helped me get out of my own way and thrive!

-Meghan Griffith


Don’t think twice. Kelsey and her courses are the real deal.

-Kevin Bennett


Thanks to Kelsey, I have the confidence to go after my dreams.

-Brigid Lane

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